Writing a counter argument graphic organizer

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Writing a counter argument graphic organizer

Is killing ever right? This is a great way to see if they can already do a preliminary assessment writing a counter argument graphic organizer an article to determine its effectiveness in helping them answer the question CCSS.

Of course, my students will be able to do a better job of this once they have actually read the articles, but this preliminary first glance at the titles will also be useful. I chose these articles by doing my own internet search.

I read the articles to see if my students would have any issues with word choice and to see if the articles included challenging technical language. I also thought about which articles students might read for each position on the topic and made sure that I selected several articles to support each potential argument.

At the end of 5 minutes, I will call on a few students to see why they selected the articles they chose and to see if they can already tell how it connects to the arguments they plan to make.

When students write on demand, they do all of the writing in class by synthesizing information from multiple texts CCSS. But first, we will do a final review of the shared bug eating argumentative essay that we co-created when we collected evidence that people should incorporate bugs into their daily diet--just to make sure we've got it!.

As my students read, I will have them follow directions on a flipchart page to annotate the essay. I am having them do this because I want them to see all of the different parts of our essay so that they can be sure that their essay meets the minimum requirements for on-demand writing.

I am having them annotate for these elements because we have been working really hard over the last couple of weeks to understand how all of these elements work together to form a well-written article, and this is a quick assessment to see if they recognize them.

At the end of this activity, I will have them work with a partner to speculate on what's missing by going back over their cards, notes and any other information that we have gathered on argument writing so far. The essay we co-wrote is completely missing the counterargument.

We discussed the counter argument last class, so I feel confident that someone will notice. Providing Tools 8 minutes For this section of the lesson, I will provide a choice of note-taking tools for my students to use as they collect evidence from each of their articles for the argumentative essay CCSS.

I will explain how each of the tools can be used as they collect their evidence. On Demand Writing Organizer with a place for each of the three arguments and one counter argument for collecting evidence Tool 3: Graphic Organizer with a space for each of the arguments, evidence, and explanations I am suggesting these three tools from which my students may choose because I know that my students have different learning styles and they can select whichever tool they think will work best for them.

I am also giving them these choices because students need choice to feel invested in their work. On Demand Writing Organizer. They will engage in lots of reading and gathering evidence today so that they can start writing during the next class. During this time, I will not be giving any feedback, BUT I will be conferring with students to ask questions about their process.

This is a bit different from the traditional writing conference during which I might give suggestions or ideas. These conferences are strictly for fact-gathering purposes. I want to know how my students are approaching this on-demand writing task for three main reasons: I want to see if my students are annotating their reading while they work.

I want to see which note-taking strategies they have chosen to use and why? I want to see which articles they are choosing to read and why so that I can evaluate whether they are good at selecting informational texts to support their claims and arguments.

In the future, I am hoping to assign many more on-demand writing assignments, so I need to see what my students need before the next one without giving too much support on this one.

During their writing, I will be holding conferences to collect this data without offering any specific feedback or suggestions.


This will be hard for me, but I will resist the urge for the good of their future writing. Reflecting on Progress 5 minutes On the closure sheet for today, I am asking my students to check off a list of their accomplishments for today.

I will have a prepared list of all of the tasks they could possibly accomplish and they will check off which ones they met. I will ask my students to do this at the end of each day of the on-demand writing. Right now, I speculate that there will be three days minutes each of note-taking and writing time.

Today will be the first of a three day closure activity.NAME: _____ Persuasive Writing Concept Map.

writing a counter argument graphic organizer

Question: Should public schools and libraries ban the Catcher in the Rye. 1 Argumentative Writing: Graphic Organizer 1.

As in any essay, the first paragraph of your argumentative essay should contain a brief explanation. A Step-by-Step Plan for Teaching Argumentative Writing. February 7, Jennifer Gonzalez I would likely return to these pieces to show students how to execute certain writing moves.

Step 2: Informal Argument, Freestyle and planning the main points of their essay in a graphic organizer. I would also begin writing my own essay on a. Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer Hook: Grab your reader’s attention and keep them engaged.

Start with one of the following: An anecdote A setting, scenario or counter-argument is false or ineffective. Be sure to provide expert quotes, use data that disputes your opposition, and/or provide alternatives to the. Writing an effective Counter argument: Lesson Plan. November 20, ← Argumentative Writing Graphic Organizer Cell Phones in the Classroom: Free Computational Thinking Graphic Organizer.

Apr 11, Apr 11, Sep 6, Literacy Ideas for primary and elementary teachers. Elements of an Argument Essay & Worksheets By B. D’Amato Part. I Terminology Part VIII: Writing an Argumentative paragraph Now that you have a plan, write the opening of your paper.

writing a counter argument graphic organizer

Highlight the thesis sentence. _____ sentences of a major counter claim _____1 sentence to show your position.

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