Unethical to terminate employees because they

I have written an article about the suicide of an IT employee after separation process was initiated for him by his company. Unfortunately the news is true.

Unethical to terminate employees because they

Sexually harassing workers Threatening employees, for example, constantly warning them their job is on the line The reasons are as varied as the acts.

Some bosses come from abusive families, or have difficulty managing their emotions.

Coaches listen in

Some supervisors become frustrated with poor employees; others feel threatened by top performers. Dealing With the Boss Sometimes, you can defuse your boss. For example, if you know your boss explodes under tight deadlines, keep out of the way until later.

This can be as simple as saying "No" when he makes an unreasonable request or as drastic as confronting him, diplomatically, about his behavior. Bullying is a bad deal for the company: Higher ups and HR may be willing to fix the situation.

Before taking action, document everything your boss does that makes her a bully.

Unethical to terminate employees because they

Include dates, details and names. Speak to your coworkers and see if they will back you up, if you do make a complaint. Be careful, however, not to share too much about your strategy. Unfortunately, neither confronting your boss nor reporting him are effective strategies.

A survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute found that for 96 percent of workers, neither confrontation nor reporting got results. Abuse and Discrimination Things tilt a little more in your favor if your bullying boss discriminates. You can file a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and you might be able to take your boss or the company to court.A.

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What rights do employees have in the workplace? A. Generally, employment in Connecticut is “at-will,” which means that an employer can make unilateral changes to the employment relationship (including changes to an employee’s duties, hours and/or wages) and can terminate or discipline an employee at any time, for any reason, so long as it is not a reason expressly prohibited by law.

Employees fighting cash balance retirement pension plan injustice. If you take Verizon and Tech Mahindra termination scenario, company is deducting 30% on notice money paid for income tax.

That means IT employees are paying taxes even when getting separated. This scam is now rife.

Unethical to terminate employees because they

Two com­pan­ies CCI Legal and Pro Fak­tura are chas­ing former accounts going back in some cases 3/4 years!!! They are send­ing demands with men­ace and char­ging so .

Working with a bullying boss can make you miserable, even if you're not the target. Unless the bully targets staffers based on things such as race, religion or gender or they're sexually harassing workers, there's no law that bans this abuse.

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