The relationship between socrates and martin luther king

I agree with Martin Luther King Jr. I also think that Socrates made some valid points on why we should obey the laws but the nation would not have developed into the strong nation that it is today and some old, unjust laws might still be in place today. Crito is trying to convince Socrates that him staying in jail would be foolish, as it was expected for prisoners to flee the country and their punishment.

The relationship between socrates and martin luther king

Justice also articulates that punishments should be proportionate to the action at hand.

Martin Luther King Jr and Socrates Were Similar??? | MizzRebelution

Martin Luther King Jr. Both have had opposing sides that too claim justice to their guidance such as segregationists, moderate Christians, Euthypro and Meletus.

The relationship between socrates and martin luther king

In these themes, both King and Socrates critique religion, society, and politics all for the betterment of the nation. However, it is the division amongst groups and creating the concept of otherness that the segregationists, moderate Christians, Meletus and Euthyphro use to justify their views which overall differs from King and Socrates approaches.

Both of their responses to their injustices were based on non violent civil disobedience. That is the substantial difference in the two opposing approaches to justice. Justice emphasizes having a proportionate reaction to the action at hand. Segregation based on race is already fundamentally wrong because race is not an option nor is there anything one can do to change their race.

The relationship between socrates and martin luther king

Segregating society based on race is not a proportionate response to the action at hand, which is simply existence. Both Socrates and King challenged their societies to not only hear what they are saying but to essentially listen to their message.

Though both were perceived as radical and extreme figures, their radical thoughts were necessary. They both were being wrongfully accused, and both reversed their accusations onto their accusers which distinguished between the true and false conception of justice.

He simultaneously questions those that claim to be obnoxiously wise that need not learn from others. He too argues that his perception of the gods is not an atheist perspective but a necessary outlook. King states he is in Birmingham not only for the business affiliations and invitation he received, but he is also there because injustice is there.

In both situations King and Socrates try to convey universal concepts to define humanity and justice. Reason was fundamentally used by both of them to arrive to their philosophical concepts. The two understand freedom does not equate to power in either of their societies because exclusivity is used to justify inequality.

Socrates conveys the universal concept as something that allows people to fully understand their experiences. Ultimately, for Socrates his death was a way to force the society to liable for their actions in order for them to self reflect and self evaluate.

They inevitably feared change and feared losing their identity which is why they rejected King and Socrates.Mar 14,  · In King’s well-known “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” and “The Trial and Death of Socrates, The Apology”, there are similar themes in their approaches to justice as well as themes that touch upon issues such as power imbalance, the relationship between freedom and power, doing what is right ethically and justly and using freedom .

Comparing Socrates to Dr - Comparing Socrates to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. introduction. Martin Luther King, Jr. Two men are separated by two and a half millennia. Yet, these two, Socrates and Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. could not be obscured by such a considerable span of time filled with the unfolding of great. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Letter From a Birmingham Jail. April 16 th, He reminds his fellow clergymen that Socrates felt it necessary to create “tension” in the minds of people.

The relationship between Socrates and Martin Luther King The similarities between Martin Luther King and Socrates are so close that it's hard to imagine /5(3). In “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop,” the soaring and chilling speech he delivered the day before his assassination, Martin Luther King Jr.

ponders the thought of life in other places and times. Sep 20,  · MLK and Socrates- more different than you’d think September 20, by Daniel Fleshner Upon reading Martin Luther King Jr.’s letter from a Birmingham Jail, as well considering the readings, lectures, and discussions about Socrates that I have been exposed to, it has become evident that they actually have very different methods of achieving their goals and of teaching.

Martin Luther King Jr and Socrates Were Similar??? | MizzRebelution