Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism studies

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Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism studies

In order to ensure that the appropriate courses are taken, students are encouraged to consult with the undergraduate advisor for this major. This evaluation is used to certify all graduation requirements. To ensure a seamless transfer experience, students are encouraged to work with both their community college advisor and a UMKC advisor when planning their coursework.

Lecture, performance, and discussion. Exposure to the history and principles of American journalism. Practical application in writing news and news feature articles. Lecture, performance and discussion. The course is designed to examine the fundamental strategies of critical thinking and to help understand the relationships among critical thought and argumentation development and refutation.

This course is designed for application across many fields and is not specific to debate or oral argument. Modern Communications Media Credits: Students will study the basics of film analysis, cinematic formal elements, genre, narrative structure and the cultural functions of cinema.

Students will learn techniques in pre-production planning, camera, sound, and editing by creating a series of short videos. Students will also learn to think analytically about film, and to apply insights about what gives an image impact and meaning to their own work.

It is the foundation and prerequisite for all film and video production courses in the department. The process of critically evaluating Internet information will be described in four modules: Basic artistic and production methods are examined, including real-world professional practices and the creative control of process variables.

Topics to be covered include the ways that filmmakers respond to literary and historical sources from the ancient world, interact with the artistic tradition of films about the ancient world, the relation of these films to other works by the same creative personnel directors, actors, writers, producers, etc.

Lecture, discussion and performance. Assignments to cover news events and to pursue in-depth news reports on the campus and off.

specialized writing and reporting literary journalism studies

The course employs theoretical, analytical and empirical approaches derived from multidisciplinary sources, particularly "critical theory" semiology, post-structuralism, psychoanalysis and ethnography.

The student will learn to develop emotional, vocal, physical, and non-verbal skills through an investigation of poetry, prose, and non-fiction literature.

Through the process of reading, studying, investigating, rehearsing, and performing literary and nonliterary works, the students will learn to pay particular attention to the voice embodied in a given text and the cultural and social context within which that voice speaks.

Students will also demonstrate an understanding of how these values impact individual heroes and their interactions with others in their society. Emphasis placed on relationship of American culture and American media. Students will be introduced to major foundational and contemporary theoretical approaches to cinema that may include but are not limited to formalism, realism, auteurism, psychoanalysis, genre studies, structuralism, feminism, semiotics, cultural studies, post-structuralism, queer theory and digital studies.

An analysis of significant public discourse within the context of social protest and political rhetoric with attention to applying methods of communication criticism in evaluating the effectiveness of persuasive advocacy aimed at social change. The course focuses on developing communication competencies and increasing theoretical understanding of the communication process within the organizational context.

The course focuses on developing communication competencies and increasing theoretical understanding. The class will cover important terms and concepts in film theory, the specifically German context of film, and important themes and periods in German film history.

Taught in English with subtitled films. Repeatable up to six hours when the topic changes. Students will learn to create a workable blueprint for a movie and undertake an in-depth examination of visual storytelling.

Specialized writing and reporting literary journalism essay

This will include understanding the basics of dramatic structure, scene and sequence construction and the role of dialogue. Emphasis will be placed on students mastering the accepted movie industry format of the screenplay. They will also adapt a short story and revise it after giving and receiving feedback in small groups.

It also focuses on contemporary issues in American journalism and engaging with the university community. The course will stress such issues as studio production, censorship, the economics of production and the selling of mass culture through the film medium.

Design function, content innovations of computer mediated communication discussed, with emphasis on technology as a means of interpersonal communication. Research, essays, and participation in online environment required.The program also offers courses in feature writing, specialized reporting areas and readings from journalism's literary side.

For more information, please visit the Communication Studies Course Requirements page. Categories are non-deadline writing, commentary, team deadline news reporting, diversity writing, editorial writing, and deadline news reporting and community service photojournalism.

specialized writing and reporting literary journalism studies

What good newspaper writers do and how they do it. Video production for the web is an integral part of news writing in Journalism Studies, along with the opportunity for specialized, advanced writing classes in political reporting, blogging and literary .

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Simon brendle dissertation. Studies within the History, Theory, and Ethics of Literary Journalism.

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4 Units. Needed of upper-division majors in Literary Journalism. Lectures and discussion on topics that explore the historic and theoretical size of literary journalism, with particular focus on the evolution of ethics within the field. Literary Journalism Core Writing Workshop.

4 Units. Writing workshops in announced specialized genres that students will both study and practice. Examples include "The Memoir," "Review Writing," "The.

Specialized Writing And Reporting Literary Journalism Studies