Riordan manufacturing staffing strategies essay

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Riordan manufacturing staffing strategies essay

With a current total workforce around three hundred employees and a turnover rate that increased from 3. In addition, the paper will consider what staffing needs Riordan may have in the future to determine if their current strategies can be used or if they will need to evolve based on the growth of the company.

Riordan Introduction Mara, place your information here: Riordan currently uses the following methods for their staffing needs: Analyze every position within the company and establish future needs based on retirement age of the incumbent and future growth impacts.

Analyze the diversity of the positions within each occupational group. Although the company does not have an affirmative action plan, it would be prudent to establish the fact that diversity helps the company grow.

Using the established job analysis on file to develop job postings for internal and external candidates.


Establish relationships with the employment contacts with all colleges within the area to establish communications of company job needs. Develop newspaper articles detailing future job opening, include company benefits and adding educational reimbursement for certain situations.

Riordan Manufacturing Staffing Strategies Riordan, a chemistry professor, Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is owned by Riordan Industries which is considered to be a Fortune company. The initial focus of the company staffing strategy can help an organization eliminate problems before they. For Riordan to implement the new business strategies, the internal dynamics of the organization must change. These changes will affect the culture and structural leadership of the company. Riordan’s current management structure is a matrix structure using the old method management. Riordan Manufacturing manufactures plastic beverage containers, custom plastic parts, plastic fan parts and the major customers of these plastic parts are automotive parts manufacturers, the Department of Defense, bottling companies, aircraft manufacturers, and appliance manufacturers.

Create an employee pool with the applicants submitting for consideration for job openings. Conduct background check immediately following accepting application from an applicant that there is an interest in. Conduct interviews of applicants passing background checks. Narrow candidate pool to three candidates and submit names to the department heads for final selection.

Hire and provide orientation for new hires. Sullivan, The process above provides the steps needed to recruit proactively which will better serve the company now and as they grow. At this time HR makes recommendations based on attrition, correcting the imbalance of diversity within the corporate office.

Riordan manufacturing staffing strategies essay

All other areas of the company show a very strong make-up of diverse groups. Diversity within a company will provide benefits for years to come due to the addition of collaborative groups made-up of people from all walks of life.

Virtual Organization Strategy Paper: Riordan Manufacturing , Sample of Business plans

As Riordan moves forward as a leader in the industry, forward thinking recruitment strategies will be the foundation for its success. Riordan Hiring Strategy Riordan has a formal job-posting process in the company when there are openings.

At Riordan, job postings are a way to inform employees of openings and to identify qualified and interested applicants who might not otherwise be known to the hiring manager. However, the company does not pay for relocation from one facility to another unless the position has budgeted for relocation as part of the hiring process.

In the past two years, two managerial positions have been filled by internal candidates. There is currently no formal succession planning process. The company uses contract workers for some engineering work, international sales and IT support in China. Riordan is a small employer in both Pontiac and Albany and sometimes has trouble attracting the types of employees it would like.

The effective use of having three recruiters has helped Riordan tremendously by having one professional recruiter at the corporate level and one hourly recruiter at each of its sites in Pontiac and Albany.

These recruiters are able to recruit based on the areas that they serve.This paper will evaluate the recruitment and staffing strategies and the legality of the staffing strategies of Riordan Manufacturing. History of RiordanRiordan Manufacturing, Inc.

is one of the industry leaders in the plastic injection molding field. Join now to read essay Riordan Manufacturing Staffing Strategies Paper Introduction Founded in , Riordan Manufacturing, Inc. is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding.

Free College Essay Riordan Manufacturing Staffing Strategies Paper. Introduction Founded in , Riordan Manufacturing, Inc.

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is an industry leader in the field of plastic injection molding. With a. Strategic Management And Competitive Advantage - Using the information presented in the first chapter of Strategic Management and Competitive Advantage, this essay will show that my current organization does not have a working strategy, adhere to its mission nor is it guided by a set of core values.

Each of these issues will present opportunities for Riordan to learn and develop new strategies. Employee retention is dwindling. It is evident that employees are . In the article Designing and Implementing Global Staffing Systems: Part I Leaders in Global Staffing, Wiechmann, Ryan, and Hemingway propose several components of global staffing systems and also provide us with similarities and differences among the global staffing situations at several MNC’s.

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