Management of change: faslane

Transactional leadership style where the decision was made by the top level management Transformational leadership where participation of employees is encouraged.

Management of change: faslane

Management of change: faslane

Managing Change at Faslane 1. In general, any organisation goes through transition when there is certain problem in current state of an organisation and want desired outcome in future.

Researchers have indicated that the key to sustainability and maintaining excellence is to be agile as well as embrace changes Mattiske, Reasons behind change may vary according to the nature and type of organisation.

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This report is prepared to review the change process obtained by Faslane. Faslane is one of the three operating bases in the United Kingdom for the Royal. Babcock International had the responsibility to handle transition effectively and improve performance in coming years.

Case Study Analysis The main purpose of this report was to demonstrate my understanding about various strategy models by analysing this case study. The case study has given clear idea about how transition in any company can be handled effectively.

Likewise, consequences of smooth transition and strategic change in organisation have been discussed precisely. This report compares the way of management by the MOD and Royal Navy up to with when it was run by Babcock International Likewise, Lynch model and Transcendent leadership style were used to analyse strategic leadership style.

Emergent Strategy Figure 1: Determining Intended and Emergent strategy implementation Source: Johnson, Whittington and Scholes Exploring Strategy, 9th Edition, Pearson Education, Chapter 12 I think the strategic change at Faslane was more of emergent strategy implementation.

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We can say that they had started with intended strategy because most of the governmental activities are well planned and discussed thoroughly within organization but because of some unexpected challenges they had to change to emergent strategic implementation.

Emergent strategy is implemented when there is a desperate need of change throughout the organization. Strategies are developed to resolve existing problems and when line managers fail to implement strategic decisions.

In case of Faslane, after when MOD could not manage the organization efficiently it was handed over to private company Babcock International, this is a major evidence to prove that company is implementing emergent strategy. MOD would have never handed to Babcock if they did not want any change and like stated above if any organization wants change then we can understand that they are going for emergent strategy.

The commodore in charge of Faslane was willing to change. He saw that staffs in Navy were more focused on infrastructure rather than naval activities.

He thought partnering would be best to change the mindset of staffs and it would be easy to manage people. Likewise, major issues for transition were to reduce the cost and improve functioning of the organization which could have been achieved only if they adopted emergent strategies.

The kaleidoscope contains an outer ring which shows the features which supports limits or remains neutral during change and inner ring which has implementation options to change agents.

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There are eight contextual features of change kaleidoscope, which are: Features of Change Kaleidoscope On the basis of above features and questions related to it I have explained the required changes.

Time At first when MOD and Babcock International established partnership arrangement they had signed contract for five years. Although company was going through crisis MOD had given long period of time to achieve the goal and was looking forward for long term strategic development.

Scope It was important to change overall outlook of an organization for Faslane because stakeholders were not supporting organization at all. So, I think mindset of every stakeholder had to be changed which would result in change in outlook of organization Preservation Babcock International had understood the state of the company very well and knew what should be preserved and what was unwanted.

Likewise, commodore also had good relationship with stakeholders national security, local community so Babcock International did not wanted commodore to go out of organization. Capability It seems Faslane as a whole is capable to implement change but only thing missing was good management.

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Individual staffs needed to change their focus on naval activities rather than on infrastructure of an organization and likewise work on their productivity. Managers must work on utilizing the resources of the company in a better way; they must work on financial aspect, human resource management and motivating staffs.

Organisation must work on satisfying their stakeholders and be clear about objectives and goal of the company. Capacity The main objective for Babcock International was reducing the cost and increase operational effectiveness.

Babcock was opting for re-engineering. They restructured management system by reducing seven layers to four and management team was downsized to half. Likewise, they had sufficient time 5 years to complete their objectives. Readiness Staffs were not happy about naval base being handed to private company because of personal disadvantage and there was no perception of a need to save money which led to a forceful outsourcing of workforce to a private company.

Power Babcock International and John Howie managing director from had all the power to bring change within organization. He is responsible for re-engineering and restructuring of the organisation.PATCH 3 (33% of total marks and maximum of 1, words): Leadership & Strategic Change – Case – Managing change at Faslane (textbook, pages ) – Learning outcomes TASK A: Provide a table that presents a brief description and key references of concepts and tools concerning ‘leadership & strategic change’.

Leadership change o Handing over the management of Faslane to BNS by the MOD o Reducing the entire management team from to and to current level of We will write a custom essay sample on Managing Change at Faslane.

Management Of Change Faslane. management of change faslane Time: Change in Faslane is a necessity because Faslane has to reduce the cost and improve its operation. Jan 19,  · Faslane change was successful because of re-structuring of management and re-engineering of operation.

When John Howie was managing director he involved almost all the employees in change process. He was taking opinions and ideas from employees about change. Management Of Change Faslane Always be in touch issue for good â review to help of change faslane management The highest quality the Support of Graduate and any other student capable management of change faslane delivering.

Time: Change in Faslane is a necessity because Faslane has to reduce the cost and improve its operation. It can use total quality management concept to look after organization each process. It can use total quality management concept to look after organization each process.

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