Icas results 2012 writing a check

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Icas results 2012 writing a check

I took up the scholarship, stayed there for a month and a half and in the midst of my bridging, decided to come back. But before I explain on how to get the scholarship, pros and cons of the ASEAN Scholarship, and what to expect from it, allow me to explain what it is first.

icas results 2012 writing a check

There are 3 scholarships to apply for, namely the Secondary 1 scholarship, the Secondary 3 scholarship, and the Junior College Scholarship.

No matter which scholarship you apply for, if you are accepted, Singapore will pay for your education in Singapore up till the end of your Junior College education. I think that about sums it up.

icas results 2012 writing a check

Some years, I heard that they can get over 13, applications online. In the application, I suggest you list down the more important and impressive activities, instead of a long list of tiny things. Space is limited the last time I filled up the applicationso make sure you try to have as wholesome an application as possible.

If sports is your thing, highlight on that, but include a few performances or charity contributions as well. I took mine in Sunway Pyramid in a gigantic hall.

I think I was pretty much stunned by the sheer amount of people who came for the test. And it was only the KL batch. There were exams conducted in Penang as well! At the test, they give out three tests, which are an English test, a Mathematics test, and an IQ quiz.

Did I mention they give you about questions and 3 minutes to answer? The math test, in short, is gruelling. Ahem, in my case, at least. For the English test, I found it really fun! I think, if your math is awful, English really is your last chance at getting the scholarship. I still remember my essay question.

I wrote about the ability of stealth, and mentioned careers like private investigator, and ninja. During the interview, the interviewer pointed out the private investigator thing, which I think proved that they were interested in offering me the the scholarship because of my essay.

They also proceeded to insult my math, but more on that later. From the thousands of those who got shortlisted for the exam, under a hundred people are chosen per country for the interview.

I saw those at the interview bringing in files and files of certificates and photographs of their achievements, and looking at notes as to what to say! Whereas I sat there.

I think the important thing about the scholarship interview, or any interview for that matter, is to come across as genuine. If you are truly interested in the scholarship, they can tell. Just be yourself, but more professional. What you can do however, is to get your siblings or parents to ask you mock interview questions to get a feel of it.

There were four people in the room and for me, only one man was asking the questions. Throughout the interview, my sanity was questioned and my math was insulted. I told them that I was a creative person.

But then again, it could be a trick question and they could have been wanting to test my confidence. In the end, I went with the honest approach.

What they will do during the interview is try to unnerve you as much as possible. They will pick holes as your answers and they will try to confuse you, scare you from Singapore, and basically gauge how much you want the scholarship.

I know a few scholars with interviews that lasted a mere 15 minutes, whereas mine took almost double the time. You start off with an online application, followed by a test, followed by an interview.Bryan Kenneth Anderson Cobec Consulting, Inc.

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Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. ICAS testing results Thank god i can check his results, i get excited to see how he did, like i did as a student myself. Our school offers ICAS on a voluntary basis and I must say, do.

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