Happiness and success in tuition reimbursement

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Happiness and success in tuition reimbursement

It is expensive but is a good investment in your education. The curriculum is identical, the instructors and most of the staff are shared the instructors only teach one cohort at a time, but rotate through both programs.

The main difference is the all women environment and the deferred tuition. Another difference is that in the summer, the main Fullstack Academy of Code includes college students who will be returning to school in the fall, which is not the case of the Grace Hopper program.

Students from both programs are invited to optional lectures during lunch and other joint activities. One advantage of full stack javascript is that you get to do a deep dive into a language javascript that you will need to use on the front end anyway.

I am undecided on whether I would recommend a full stack javascript curriculum over a Ruby on Rails curriculum or a curriculum that incorporates Python. While I was there we learned Node. We used a sql database PostgreSQL for our database.

I think React with Redux is a good choice for the front end. Computer science concepts data structures, algorithms etc.

Happiness and success in tuition reimbursement

This program does not cost extra. I did it while working and it was totally manageable. Foundations is a remote, part time program to continue developing your foundation in javascript and programming. I found it to be quite good. I continued working while completing this program which was doable but busy.

Supposedly the program is 5 weeks, but the last week just setting up your computer and is optional. When I took the course summerthe bulk of foundations used pre ES6 javascript and then we learned ES6 at the end.

The first 6 weeks of the program is junior phase. Pair programming is an essential part of the curriculum, and while not every pair will be a positive experience, overall I think it really does help one learn.

There were also two tests and a project to help evaluate student progress.

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In my cohort there were 5 fellows teaching assistants who have recently graduated from the program. The fellows answer questions during workshops, help with grading, have office hours, and hold group lunches once a week. The fellows did great work and were a big part of the program being so good.

The teachers were also quite good - they varied from pretty good to extremely excellent. The students varied in background and I thought the program did a pretty good job accommodating this. There was optional lectures and optional extra work if you wanted to dig deeper into the curriculum, and there were extra study sessions by invitation on Saturdays for students who could benefit from more practice.

However, if you wanted to slack you could, you need to be self-motivated to get the most out of the program. For the most part the other students in my cohort worked hard and it was a good culture of learning.

I would have liked if they had been more clear about the schedule upfront. Senior phase is project based. Working on projects is a great way to learn.

The instructors did include a few lectures which were good, and I would have liked a few more. I found that in this section of the course you had to be especially self motivated - the resources were there, but if you wanted help from an instructor you had to make sure to request it.

I thought the code reviews by the instructors were helpful. The program does a good job packing in a lot of material in a short time, but I felt that the last week and a half was a bit light in content.

Value The program is expensive. In terms of an investment, in my opinion it is worth it, you will likely make back the cost of the program in a year or less at your first job not counting the cost of taking time off for the program and the job search.

As compared to other education options I would say the cost is slightly higher but the quality is better. Grace Hopper is a bit more expensive than other bootcamps, but is not the most expensive bootcamp. It costs about the same as a semester at a private college, but prepares you for the workforce better in my opinion.

So the price is probably inflated just as most education is these days, in my opinion. This is a tuition free program at one of 3 partner schools one of which is Fullstack Academy of Code. But basically it is a Fullstack Academy of Code education without the cost.High School Scholarships.

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Tuition Reimbursement Paper By: Alicia Edwards Due date: Sept 5 Course: com Introduction There are many reason that an employees might get a promotion or be considered for a job in a higher position.

One of these is education. Some of our employees have an .

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