Ethnocentrism in the church today

The author explains that positive and negative racism do not imply each other despite their distinction.

Ethnocentrism in the church today

Posted on August 31, Worldliness in the Church Everybody is welcome in the church! However, there is one thing we cannot abide in the church — worldliness. Though nearly everyone agrees with this sentiment, there is a major disagreement as to what worldliness actually is.

Ten years ago, if asked to describe a worldly church, I would have first thought of the lighting. White lighting would be classified as holy, colored lighting would be worldly. Bright lighting is holy, dimmed lighting is worldly.

Fluorescent would be classified as holy, LED…not worldly, but definitely heading in the wrong direction. After lighting I would think of pulpit attire. A preacher in a business suit is the most holy; while the guy in jeans and a t-shirt was the most worldly. Between these two extremes I could describe a very specific range of truly holy ministers and truly worldly ministers.

This was not simply a matter of professionalism — this was a matter of holiness and spirituality. After lighting and pulpit attire I would think of music. Loud is worldly; while quiet is holy. Contemporary is worldly; while old-fashioned is holy.

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Pianos, harps, flutes, oboes, and trumpets are holy; while guitars, saxophones, keyboards, and basses are worldly. On the most extreme ends of the spectrum we have the organ most holy and the drum set most worldly.

Ethnocentrism in the church today

The problem was that my entire perspective had nothing to do with the Bible and everything to do with cultural subjectivity. Many times I had heard preachers read the above passage from Romans and then attempt to describe worldliness.

The world uses colored lights.

Ethnocentrism in the church today

The world wears jeans and t-shirts. The world uses guitars and drums. Instead, be ye holy, like God is holy. So, the problem with cultural subjectivity is that none of these things can be proven from the Bible.

These beliefs came into existence just as all non-biblical systems of belief arise: It was the world, not God, who invented the business suit, the Roman tunic, the turtleneck, and the skinny jean. None of these had their origin in a heavenly or hellish factory.

They are simply designs of the world. So, why have we mistaken our own cultural subjectivity for Biblical precepts? What happens is that many of us who were genuinely converted to Christ decades ago in a wood paneled church, after a song service of midthcentury hymns, during the sermon from a man dressed in a business suit, have a very difficult time with change.

We associate our conversion with the context in which it happened. We forget that it is the message of the gospel that saved our souls and not the method in which it was delivered.

And so, we attempt to replicate the cultural surroundings in an effort to recreate the spiritual power once again.

If we change these things, we may lose the power of God in our church.

Ethnocentrism in America Essay Sample

This is the fear of many good men and many good churches. There is another problem with cultural subjectivity being the arbiter of holiness vs.For Peter to give preference to the Jews was to participate in legalism that expressed itself through ethnocentrism. Throughout the history of the American church, white supremacy has functioned as a .

In this episode of Ancient Faith Today, Kevin speaks with his guest Father Michael Varlamos about the historic march of His Eminence Iakovos of the Greek Orthodox Church on March 15, , with Dr Martin Luther King in Selma, Alabama, and the Orthodox Christian teachings on racism, ethnic separatism and racial profiling.

The pope’s theology is mainstream for the church today, but with this pope everything packs a more powerful punch because of his personality and spontaneity.

Worldliness in the Church Everybody is welcome in the church! combined with a healthy dose of ethnocentrism. Unfortunately, this perspective does not take into account that every style of music, every style of dress, and every aspect of décor is essentially of the world.

legalistic preaching that floods the church today: “The world. Or does Scripture set forth a different vision for the local church? Re-Thinking Homogeneity: The Biblical Case for Multi-Ethnic Churches. Article. I am a Christian, an Indian, and a former rock musician. which is not the case today, but the ethnocentrism of the Jews is parallel to ethnocentrism of all human beings at all.

Henceforth, ethnocentrism of such nature keeps lagging the nation from completing the political metamorphosis it started since independence. The Pauline epistles dwell much on the issue of ethnocentrism in the church, since the vice was present in the early church.

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