Custom paper embossing press

Suitable for official company seals, certificates, napkins, personal and business stationery. Emboss business cards or wedding invitations for a classy touch.

Custom paper embossing press

Uses[ edit ] Fire extinguisher with permanent and temporary labels Labels may be used for any combination of identification, information, warninginstructions for use, environmental advice or advertising.

They may be stickers, permanent or temporary labels or printed packaging. Products[ edit ] Permanent product identification by a label is commonplace; labels need to remain secure throughout the life of the product.

For example, a VIN plate on an automobile must be resistant to heat, oils and tampering; similarly, a food label must endure until the food has been used.

Removable product labels need to bond until they are removed. For example, a label on a new refrigerator has installation, usage and environmental information: Labels for food and beverages typically include critical information pertinent to the contents or ingredients used in a product, and may also call out to certain allergy risks such as the presence of gluten or soy.

The FDA also provides standards to regulate the information provided on the labels and packaging of wine and spirits. These labels include information like brand name, class and type designation, and alcohol content.

These may carry pricing, barcodes, UPC identification, usage guidance, addresses, advertising, recipes, and so on. They also may be used to help resist or indicate tampering or pilferage. Assets[ edit ] In industrial or military environments, asset labeling is used to clearly identify assets for maintenance and operational purposes.

Such labels are frequently made of engraved Traffolyte or a similar material. Printed labels are an alternative to woven labels.

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Some upholstered furniture and mattresses have labels that are required by law, describing the contents of the stuffing. Textiles containing pesticides as an ingredient may also require government approval and compulsory labeling.

In the USA, for example, labels have to state the pesticide registration number, statement of ingredients, storage and disposal information, and the following statement: A label including a company name or identification number and a material content list may also be required.

Many software packages such as word processor and contact manager programs produce standardized mailing labels from a data set that comply with postal standards. These labels may also include routing barcodes and special handling requirements to expedite delivery. Specialized labels [ edit ] Notebook labels are mainly used for identifying the owner and purpose of the notebook.

Some information on a label may include name, contents, and date started. Piggyback labels are made from combining two layers of adhesive substrate.

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The bottom layer forms the backing for the top. The label can be applied to any object as normal, the top layer can be a removable label that can be applied elsewhere, which may change the message or marking on the remaining label underneath.

Often used on Express mail envelopes. Other applications include price change labels where when being scanned at the till, the till assistant can peel back the price-reduction label and scan the original barcode enabling stock flow management.

These labels are also seen on magazine subscription renewals, allowing customers to re-subscribe to the magazine with an easy peel and stick label sent back. Smart labels have RFID chips embedded under the label stock. Blockout labels are not see-through at all, concealing what lies underneath with a strong gray adhesive.

The use of radioactive isotopes of chemical elements, such as carbonto allow the in vivo tracking of chemical compounds. Laser or printer labels are generally die cut on 8.

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Laser label material is a nonporous stock made to withstand the intense heat of laser printers and copiers. A drawback of laser labels is that the entire sheet needs to be printed before any labels are used; once labels have been removed the sheet cannot be put through the printer again without damaging the printing mechanism.

Inkjet label material is a porous stock made to accept ink and dye from an inkjet printer.

custom paper embossing press

One of the more modern inkjet label material stocks is waterproof printable inkjet material commonly used for soap or shower gel containers.

Security labels are used for anti- counterfeitingbrand protection, tamper-evident seals and anti-pilferage seals. These combine a number of overt and covert features to make reproduction difficult.

The use of security printingholographyembossingbarcodesRFID chips, custom printing and weak or weakened backings is common. They are used for authenticationtheft reduction, and protection against counterfeit and are commonly used on ID cards, credit cards, packaging, and products from CDs to electronics to clothing.ABOUT US: Oyster Paper Crafts is a rapidly growing internet & retail show company based in the Garden of England, Kent.

We are a very friendly company who enjoy talking to customers about their passion for crafting.

custom paper embossing press

At Custom Stamps Online we can offer a wide range of Embossing Products to meet all your needs, from simple hand held seals to heavy duty exhibition presses.

Embossers One day shipment on durable, easy to use custom embossers available in desk top or pocket style! Design your own personalized embosser using your artwork and text, or choose one of our standard state seal formats.

Embossers are a favorite with notaries, corporations, engineers, and government officials around the world. These popular seal press offers unprecedented quality and durability, and works and feels as great as they look.

Embossing Dies and Debossing Dies produce a raised or sunken relief. Embossing Dies produce a raised readable mark and Debossing Dies produce a sunken relief.

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They are often used on pieces of flat or contoured sheet metal and paper to create nameplates, decorative plaques, presentation wear . Before you create a press-ready file for your design, be sure to carefully read through Design Considerations for Embossing.

This means the emboss layer is supplied in a separate file (or separate page) of your press-ready PDF file.

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