Critical period 1781 1789

Blog The Critical Period The Articles of Confederation left the young country ill-equipped to deal with a series of problems.

Critical period 1781 1789

Two states were Virginia and Maryland. The purpose was to address commerce issues concerning the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay. It proved to be a pretty successful meeting, so they agreed to meet in Annapolis the next year, and invited any states who wanted to come.

Still not enough states to do much good, but they decided to have another meeting and invited all the states. Alexander Hamilton from NY was the one that suggested to send out a message through the national government to make an official convention. Did he really want to revise the Articles of Confederation, or was it in his mind already to make a new constitution?

The Philadelphia Convention of Introduction to the Convention May through September The People were called Founding Fathers, Jefferson called them demigods All 55 delegates were all rich, men of property, who were all professionals lawyers, doctors, but the majority were lawyersthey were mostly young guys, Ben Franklin was the oldest one probably about 80 years old.

Alexander Hamilton for strong central government, George Mason was the opposite of Hamilton strong state rights, and James Madison was the happy medium, also called the Father of the Constitution.

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Gouverneur Morris was the guy who physically wrote the constitution because he had such good penmanship. Morris also condensed the 23 Articles of Confederation down to 7.

Critical period 1781 1789

Who was not there? All based on population.

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The lower house would be chosen by the people, but the big debate was how you choose the upper house. This idea is credited to John Dickinson the Senate was elected by the state legislature.

He compared the link between central and government and state government to the sun and the plantes The electoral college is how we elect the president, were years where the president was elected by the electoral college and no the popular vote.

New Jersey Plan- proposed by William Paterson. Basically was a return to the Articles of Confederation with two exceptions: There would be an executive branch with 3 Presidents called the consul 2.

The lower house was elected based on population, and the upper house was 2 delegates like in the Articles of Confederation Other Compromises: The slave trade compromise: Moratorium was a 20 year dead period for slavery, and after that the trans-atlantic slave trade was made illegal. South wanted no taxes, North wanted import and export taxes.

The compromise was a tax only on imports.

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This led to the Fugitive Slave Law. This law said that you had to turn in blacks who people thought were slaves. Once people saw it as a moral problem, it was hard to compromise.

Basic Ideas of the Constitution 7 Articles: Religion is the "first freedom. States rights amendment Critical Period/Constitution Convention 11R Era of Good Feelings Growth of Nationalism Essy Prompt (doc file - 50 KB) Students will use the blank essay outline to write a rough draft on the essay prompt.

Era of Good Feelings Graphic Organizer (doc file - 48 KB). Read the full-text online edition of Experiment in Independence: New Jersey in the Critical Period, ().

Critical period 1781 1789

Home» Browse» Books» Book details, Experiment in Independence: New Jersey in the Experiment in Independence: New Jersey in the Critical Period, AP U.S. History: Unit The New Nation (The Critical Period): ** John Fiske: The Critical Period (): Viewed the era of the Articles of Confederation as critical to the future of the U.S.

I. Changes in Society due to the American Revolution A. The Critical Period Government by Confederation Government by Confederation 's very critical decade in our nation's history-writing of the Constitution Confederation-close alliance of sovereign states Articles of the Confederation- by all 13 states had approved them, and they went into effect.

Critical Period/Constitution Convention Regents Review Students are to complete the review assignments using the Review Packet and the files attached below.

Students should follow the calender to complete assignments. Regents Review calendar (pub file. The time period between and is often referred to as the "Critical Period", and with a good reason. As a newly formed country America had a lot to lose if it did not survive and prove its self to the world as well as the citizens.

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Troubles in the New American Nation