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One is the star on the Lic Plate. The other is a bolt on star on the rear of the car.

Cops writing cops website

Not young Libertarian types but old people, middle aged professionals and suburban couples with kids. I;m seeing more and more sheer contempt and outright hate for the police.

Not from the usual folks who have a built in distrust like black folks and other minorities in the inner cities but otherwise docile law abiding white folks. Painfully law abiding but just hating cops more than some black folks from the hood I know.

The cop crowd needs to have the proverbial come to jesus moment and get itself straightened out or they're in for some serious trouble. When you have that kind of hostility building under the surface unpleasant things start happening.

If traffic laws exist to set a standard for safe behavior on the road then cops who "flout " the laws make the roads more dangerous. What possible reason could there be for cops to endanger people when not in a pursuit?

If traffic laws exist to generate revenue why should cops get a pass the tax? I can't see any reason why a cop should get a pass.

In fact ethically they should write themselves a ticket if they notice they've broken a traffic law. The amount of power granted to cops requires a very high ethical standard.When training police officers in report writing, one of the authors (Bruce), always said a good report should stand alone and is like a good joke – if you have to explain it, it sucks!

Download the B2B Report Writing .

cops writing cops website

Ten Tips for Writing Reports Efficiently Try using these 10 tips the next time you write a police report, and you’ll be able to complete your paperwork more quickly .

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Hot crime. Hot romance. COPS Hiring Programs (CHP): The opening of the COPS Hiring Program (CHP) grant solicitation is on hold due to the issuance of a nationwide injunction by a U.S.

District Court on April 12, , regarding immigration factors that were included in the CHP solicitation. COPS, the groundbreaking series that was instrumental in launching the reality genre with its video vérité style, is back for an amazing 24th season! Write my research paper Question description Police officers receive extensive training, and police administrators usually bring advanced formal education to the job.

However, there are.

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