Concession trailer business plan

Every other person Our Competitive Advantage Our vision is to ensure that we make a name for ourselves and also become the preferred business name amongst other food stands for our different clients all over Tennessee and round the United States of America. However to achieve this, we have come up with several strategies that would allow us have a competitive advantage and allow us compete favorably against our competitors. Our first competitive advantage is going to be the fact that we would be purchasing and stocking at least two trailers that would offer customers in different strategic locations, the options of availability. Also, we have in our employ, competent and professional staffs that are highly experienced in this kind of business and know therefore what it would take to ensure that we achieve our intended goals and objectives and become a force to be reckoned with nationally.

Concession trailer business plan

Do your friends and family drool over your homemade barbecue sauce and pulled pork brisket?

concession trailer business plan

Why stick to that boring, nine-to-five desk job when you could build a fun and profitable business doing something you love? While you could serve everything from epic BBQ sliders to tender BBQ shrimp, make sure to hone in on dishes you feel will set you apart from the competition.

If you plan to smoke meats in your BBQ concession trailer, look for a trailer with a custom-built smoker. Our sleek and efficient twenty-two foot BBQ concession trailer offers a beautiful, built-in custom smoker for all of your meat smoking needs.

It also offers an additional warming box and a 15, BTU air conditioning unit to keep you cool during those hot summer days. Do you plan on offering BBQ catering services with your concession trailer?

This type of business seeks to get hired for various events such as music festivals, art shows and book fairs, where they can provide non-stop catering to customers throughout the day. Investing in long serving tables to display and cater your BBQ delicacies will help attract new customers to your business as well.

Owning your own BBQ food truck will also give you extreme flexibility over the areas you choose to serve. If you plan on parking your BBQ concession trailer along the beach, consider investing in a porch concession trailer.

Our twenty-four foot yellow BBQ porch concession trailer is the perfect environment to cook your mouth-watering ribs with a custom built-in smoker. You may be required to pass a food safety exam and your concession trailer may need to be inspected by the health and safety department before you can hit the pavement and start serving your BBQ.

Mobile Food Truck Permit As the number of food truck entrepreneurs continues to grow, many localities have to started to require mobile food facility permits.

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While permits vary from city to city, they may contain restrictions on locations you can park as well as the hours you can operate. If you go to the same high-traffic location every night to serve your tasty BBQ, people might start to get bored of the limited menu you offer.

There are many important things to take into consideration when you start your own BBQ concession business, but the journey itself should be a fun and exciting time. If you need assistance choosing the best BBQ concession trailer to cook your short-bone ribs in, contact the professionals at Southern Dimensions Group today.7 Tips for Starting a Food BusinessDo Your ResearchConsider Starting SmallBuild a Business PlanGet FinancingStart Your Business the Right Way (2 more items).

Decide the scale and location(s) of your business. You can choose to operate a simple hot dog vending cart on the corner or opt for a large mobile food trailer selling barbecue sandwiches at all the craft fairs and carnivals in your region.

New Concession and Food Trailers - SLE EquipmentPackage Deals · Utility Vehicles · Food Trucks · Snow Blowers/10 (13K reviews). Apr 18,  · Starting a mobile food concession business has its advantages – the rent is cheaper, staff overhead is lower, and you can move to follow the profits.

But it also has its challenges – weather, vehicle breakdowns, and seasonality, to name a few. Plan for Seasonality.

No, there are no legal requirements when it comes to planning.

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Below therefore is a sample concession stand business plan; Business Overview While there are no companies with a dominant share market in this industry, the industry is however worth $2 billion and has been projected to have an annual growth of % between the periods of and If YES, here is a complete sample food concession stand business plan template & feasibility report you can use FREE.

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concession trailer business plan

Business ideas; Business Plans; Below therefore is a sample concession stand business plan; We would be purchasing a trailer in which to do business in, use part of the capital to pay employee.

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