Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

Similar presentations More Presentation on theme: Carpet-weavers, Morocco Carol Rumens The children are at the loom of another world. Their braids are oiled and black,"— Presentation transcript: Their braids are oiled and black, their dresses bright.

Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

The quality or fact of being popular.

Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

The favor of the general public or of a particular group ofpeople: His popularity with television audiences is unrivaled. This is supposed to be the first post in what I believe will become a series of two or more posts. And in case you are wondering, yes I do have too much free time on my hand.

This whole train of thought started when my friend was complaining about her friend she-who-must-not-be-named and the way she acts and treats other people around her.

This girl would mock other people around her whom she felt is less compared to her. Furthermore she also mocks other people who are not as well off as she is, judging people from their financial status talk about materialism. There are countless of explanations towards why some people can behave like that.

But from my point of view which is shaped by the stories that my friend told me I believe she is trying to achieve what most teenagers would be trying to achieve. This is what many believe to be the holy grail of teenage life. A lot of teenagers felt that being popular is be all and end all of the teenage life and many strived to achieve this so called popular status.

I have to admit that being popular does give you a lot of advantages and privileges. Being popular makes it easier for you to make friends as well express your opinion because people have known you beforehand or at least your name and who you are and therefore regards you with some degree of respect as compared to some obscure school mate whom nobody remembers or takes seriously.

Due to this fact popular kids tend to have far reaching influences on the student population, and this I believe is by far the biggest perk that you can get from being popular. This subject have been immortalised in countless pop-culture references.

One that I'm going to refer to is from the TV series Glee. Glee's depiction of high school life is a hyperbole and simplified depiction of the presence of social chaste inside a community.

On one hand you have the jocks and the cheerleaders, the most powerful and influential the so-called "it" group.

While on the other hand you have the glee kids the ones who are neither a cheerleader nor a jock who are deemed as losers, the outcasts, and therefore are rejected by the rest of the school population.

The big picture is mostly like that, but I believe that this subject on popularity is much more complex than what is depicted in Glee. First of all there are two types of people who can achieve popularity.

The first group of people are the lucky ones. They are somehow gifted with some special charm, charisma or just simply a great personality which will make them an instant hit in any community. These people can attain popularity just by being inside a particular community. While the second group of people are the ones that worked hard to achieve popularity, aka the social climbers.Starting words in an essay father and son poem analysis essay bagpuss intro words essay louisiana purchase essay about myself, friedlander past and present selected essays 5 parts of an argumentative essay on school, scn research paper esoteric science and philosophy essay, pcr ap biology essays loeb and leopold moral essay kolb.

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Feb 17,  · Poetry Essay Model: Carol Rumens ‘The Carpet Weavers, Morocco’.

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February 17, February 23, Posted in Assignments, For Teachers The essay below is one written back in by Kimberly Tan, a student I taught at the British International School, Jakarta. Mar 16,  · Carpet-weavers, Morocco.

Carol Rumens. The children are at the loom of another world. Their braids are oiled and black, their dresses bright. Their assorted heights would make a melodious chime.

They watch their flickering knots like television.

Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

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Carol Rumens' 'Carpet Weavers' - A Commentary | Essay Example