An analysis of julius robert oppenheimer and the atomic bomb

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He had one sister, Jeanette, who was two years younger. His family spoke Swedish at home. About this time he changed the spelling of his first name from Glen to Glenn. His mother encouraged him to become a bookkeeper as she felt his literary interests were impractical.

He did not take an interest in science until his junior year when he was inspired by Dwight Logan Reid, a chemistry and physics teacher at David Starr Jordan High School in Watts.

An analysis of julius robert oppenheimer and the atomic bomb

As a graduate student in the s Seaborg performed wet chemistry research for his advisor Gilbert Newton Lewis[11] and published three papers with him on the theory of acids and bases.

For several years, Seaborg conducted important research in artificial radioactivity using the Lawrence cyclotron at UC Berkeley.

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He was excited to learn from others that nuclear fission was possible—but also chagrined, as his own research might have led him to the same discovery. Oppenheimer had a daunting reputation, and often answered a junior man's question before it had even been stated.

Often the question answered was more profound than the one asked, but of little practical help. Seaborg learned to state his questions to Oppenheimer quickly and succinctly. He followed Frederick Soddy 's work investigating isotopes and contributed to the discovery of more than isotopes of elements.

Using one of Lawrence's advanced cyclotrons, John LivingoodFred Fairbrother, and Seaborg created a new isotope of iron, iron in Iron was useful in the studies of the hemoglobin in human blood. InLivingood and Seaborg collaborated as they did for five years to create an important isotope of iodineiodinewhich is still used to treat thyroid disease.

As a result of these and other contributions, Seaborg is regarded as a pioneer in nuclear medicine and is one of its most prolific discoverers of isotopes. In November, he was persuaded to leave Berkeley temporarily to assist with urgent research in radar technology.

Since Seaborg and his colleagues had perfected McMillan's oxidation-reduction technique for isolating neptunium, he asked McMillan for permission to continue the research and search for element McMillan agreed to the collaboration.

The first hypothesis for this alpha particle accumulation was contamination by uranium, which produces alpha-decay particles; analysis of alpha-decay particles ruled this out.

Seaborg then postulated that a distinct alpha-producing element was being formed from element In their experiments bombarding uranium with deuteronsthey observed the creation of neptunium, element But it then underwent beta-decay, forming a new element, plutonium, with 94 protons.

Plutonium is fairly stable, but undergoes alpha-decay, which explained the presence of alpha particles coming from neptunium.

Kennedy were able to show that plutonium then known only as element 94 was fissilean important distinction that was crucial to the decisions made in directing Manhattan Project research. He shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in with Edwin McMillan for "their discoveries in the chemistry of the first transuranium elements.

Seaborg's role was to figure out how to extract the tiny bit of plutonium from the mass of uranium. Plutonium was isolated in visible amounts using a transmutation reaction on August 20,and weighed on September 10,in Seaborg's Chicago laboratory. He was responsible for the multi-stage chemical process that separated, concentrated and isolated plutonium.

Seaborg developed the chemical elements americium and curium while in Chicago.Mar 01,  · DU was bad enough, but reports filtering out of Baghdad suggest US forces used a new type of weapon to capture the city.

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An analysis of julius robert oppenheimer and the atomic bomb

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Physics of the Atomic Bomb - The atomic bomb (also known as the atom bomb, A-bomb, or nuclear bomb) has a destructive power created by the fission of either uranium or plutonium.

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